Such Cliché

Such Cliché is an entertainment collective known for Gnomes universe musicals, group improv and more.

Weekly Group Improv

“Not Improv-able… just unlikely” is the structured, fun and fast paced improv session designed to get your creative mind buzzing. This two hour weekly session consists of mental exercises that help you build confidence in communicating ideas and unfreezing your brain. Like meditation or yoga, improv has mental health benefits in the practice of letting go and getting focused at the same time. The sessions are run at the Slingsby theatre in Parkside, SA, from 7.30pm each Thursday.

The Gnomes Universe

Gnomes vs The Easter Bunny

2019 / Adelaide Fringe Festival

Our audacious Gnomes as go on an adventure of self discovery and debauchery in “Gnomes vs The Easter Bunny”. Watch as they work to foil The Easter Bunny’s plans for a hostile take over of Christmas to become number 1 in holidays and number 1 in profits!

Gnomes vs Mermaids

2017 / Adelaide Fringe Festival

The naughty gnomes are back, and this time they’re taking on the vain and evil mermaids in the irreverent, adults-only musical comedy. ‘Gnomes vs Mermaids is the C-grade cult classic that will have you leaving the theatre thinking, “what did I just watch?”

Gnomes vs Aliens

2016 / Adelaide Fringe Festival

Gnomes may seem so sweet and cute. But deep down they’re assholes of disrepute! When a suburban home is invaded by power-hungry aliens, only the over-sexed gang of ceramic gnomes at the bottom of the garden can save the day.

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