Gnomes vs The Easter Bunny

Our audacious Gnomes as go on an adventure of self discovery and debauchery in “Gnomes vs The Easter Bunny”. Watch as they work to foil The Easter Bunny’s plans for a hostile take over of Christmas to become number 1 in Holidays and number 1 in Profits!

2019 Adelaide Fringe Premiere

Fly Bird Fly Studio, 218 Wright Street, Adelaide

Duration: 90 minutes

Tuesday 5th March 2019 – 8pm

Wednesday 6th March 2019 – 8pm

Thursday 7th March 2019 – 8pm

Friday 8th March 2019 – 8pm

Saturday 9th March 2019 – 8pm

Cast and Crew

Briana McTier


Erin Flavell


Josh Martin

Pipe the Gnome

Max Ford

Mushroom the Gnome

Oliver Morgan

Army Bunny

Scott Ritchie

Army Bunny

Natasha Payne

Button the Gnome, Executive Producer

Caitlin Payne

Mrs Claus

Georgia Knevitt


Maddie Gray

Twig the Gnome

Michael Lindsay

The Easter Bunny

Rachel Bartlett


Simon Gray


Nick Klau

Writer, Director, Composer

Cal Watt

Stage Manager

Kaylin Chetty


Matt Ingham

Stovetop the Gnome

Thomas Milham

Technical Director

Sarah Holbrook

The Captain

Tom Williams

Mop the Gnome