Such Cliche Improv 2020

Not improv-able, just unlikely!

Members of Such Cliché are running nights filled to the brim with creativity, games, and fun! Every Thursday, in Slingsby’s Hall of Possibility, join us as we dive into the unpredictable world of improvisation! Improv is a fantastic avenue to flex your mind, build your confidence and stretch your quick-thinking skills. No scripts, no lines, no worries!

Venue: Slingsby’s Hall of PossibilityRear Hall, 96 Glen Osmond Road, Parkside SA 5063)

Cost: $10 per session or $64 for a season pass (8 sessions)


There are no upcoming events at this time.

Important Info

How does it work?

Each night will consist of approximately 20 minutes of warm up and stretching (including physical stretches, vocal warm up and easy mental warm ups to set the vibe/mood for the night). Then approximately six activities/games (allowing 15-20 minutes per activity) which will, generally, begin with high action, physical games first and then slower, mental and word focused activities once people begin to tire.

This is an organised program so while it is designed as a fun activity, there is structure and engagement on the night is essential to its success.

What do I need to bring?

Participants are encouraged to bring their own water, snacks and drinks but please be responsible (There is a puratap available at the venue)
Wear comfortable, flexible clothes (e.g. tracksuit, shorts, tights, loose shirts). Portable musical instruments are encouraged as musical activities may be a part of the night (not essential).

Where can I park?

Best parking is on Kenilworth Road.

Do I need any previous experience with improv?

Not at all! The sessions are tailored to the experience and skill level of whoever is in attendance.

Will these sessions be recorded?

These sessions will be filmed and the footage may be used for any purpose, including promotional material. It will mainly be used to review how the nights run, what went smoothly and what needs to be worked on.